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About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica (she/her), a certified postpartum doula through DTI (Doula Trainings International) in Richmond, VA.


I believe parents deserve the same kind, gentle care and attention that their babies are given.


My partner and I welcomed twins in 2017 and our postpartum experience was everything all at once: intense, magical, depleting, transcendent, and exhausting. I came to this work because I still feel the impact of the people who lent a helping hand, brought a meal, texted words of reassurance, and helped me find my way through the postpartum haze.


It’s my goal to be a calm, encouraging, and helpful presence as I step into people’s homes to offer support and guidance. I want families to know they don’t have to go through this transitional season alone. It’s important to me to normalize honest conversations about parenthood, including talking openly about perinatal mental health.


To fill my cup outside of work and parenting, I enjoy creative arts like sewing clothes, reading historical romance novels, and taking walks in my neighborhood.

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