About Me

Hi! I'm Jessica Mito (she/her), a postpartum doula in Richmond, Virginia. My postpartum doula practice is centered around connection - with each other, with our partners and families, and to essential resources during the transition to parenthood. It is important to me to normalize the challenges and joys of early parenthood and to make every family feel emotionally and practically supported.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew I was going to need as much support as I could get. We hired a postpartum doula who helped us on our first morning home from the hospital (we were able to take the most epic nap that day!) and over the next several months. The knowledge and support that our amazing postpartum doula provided -- coupled with the support we received from family and friends -- gave us the foundation for a confident beginning with our babies.

About a year into parenthood, I was taking a stroller walk and met some new parents in the neighborhood. "Hi! I have a baby. You have a baby. Want to get coffee?" Soon a growing group of us made a weekly pilgrimage to the local coffee shop to enjoy conversations on the sidewalk while our children played. This experience of connecting parents, holding each other's babies, breastfeeding in public, talking about sleep (or lack of sleep), and breaking out of the isolation of early parenting was foundational in my decision to become a postpartum doula a few years later.

Richmond has a very special community of incredible women who were instrumental in guiding me through birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and addressing my struggle with perinatal mental health. Just as those women planted seeds of kindness and wisdom in my life, I would love to be a helpful guide to you and your family as you begin (or continue) your parenting journey. We weren't meant to do this alone!