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Support and Pricing

Postpartum Support

Let’s imagine you’ve just arrived home with your new baby(ies). The excitement! The joy! And the overwhelming feeling that you now have to care for this brand new human on your own.

With a postpartum doula, your family can receive the emotional, practical, and educational support to give you a confident beginning during this “fourth trimester,” the first three months of a baby’s life.

In practice this can look like:
🌱 Talking through the joys, challenges, and concerns you may have of caring for a newborn
🌱 Guidance in newborn care, such as recognizing hunger cues, soothing techniques, safe sleep guidance, etc.

🌱 Building your confidence as new parents with kindness and without judgment
🌱 Supporting your feeding preferences (breast/body feeding, bottle feeding, and/or formula feeding)
🌱 Helping older siblings adjust to their growing family
🌱 Providing practical help by doing light household tasks such as laundry and dishes

🌱 Caring for baby(ies) so you can rest, shower, or have some moments to yourself

🌱 Connecting you to other resources as needed, such as a certified lactation professional or support for for postpartum mental health (**a postpartum doula's support is non-medical).

It’s like I'm there to say, “Welcome to parenthood! Let me lend a hand and show you around."


My support is available weekday mornings in 3-4 hour shifts. Most folks book support 2-3 times per week for 1-3 months.

My hourly rate for 2022 is $30 per hour.

Interested in gifting support hours to a friend or family member? Contact me to talk more about this option.

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